What is Counselling?

Sometimes, our usual sources of support can be too close, unsuitable, or even part of the problem. At times like these, speaking to someone who is not directly involved can help.
Counselling offers an opportunity to look at aspects of yourself and your life. It is done in a professional, confidential and non-judgemental setting.
The counsellor does not give direct advice but will attempt to help you explore issues by working alongside you and guide you in becoming more self aware, so that you can learn to help yourself.

For a FREE 15 minute consultation, call Anne-Marie, on 0746 2054 540.

The counselling contract

A contract exists (either verbal or written) that outlines both the rights and responsibilities of both the client and counsellor as well as what is offered within the counselling sessions including:
• length of counselling session
• confidentiality
• fee
• cancellations policy
Most counselling sessions last for 1 hour usually once or twice a week although longer sessions are available. You can choose to work either short-term or long-term although you may not be sure how long you would like at the beginning.
What you want from counselling may change over time so it is important to do things at your own pace. It can also be hard work at times and will take some energy but counselling can and does help.
It is important that you feel comfortable with your counsellor. You and your counsellor will regularly review how things are going.

Face-to-face, telephone or online counselling

Both face-to-face, telephone and online counselling offer the same level of support and confidentiality.
Telephone and online counselling is ideal for anyone who is unable to come to the establishment or you just may feel more comfortable accessing the service remotely.

Different types of counselling

Most counsellors practice more than one type of counselling therapy and at times may use a mixture of them depending upon the issue and the particular way the counsellor works.
Check with your counsellor what type of therapy they do.
Other terms that may be used for counselling include therapy, psychological therapy, talking therapy, helping relationship and psychotherapy.

Integrative Counselling

I practice integrative counselling.  This blends several types of counselling therapy in order to provide flexibility and give you more choice on how you look at your issues. For example, some people find exploring their past the best route to make sense of their problems, but others might prefer working in the present. You may want to do both from time to time.

Please call me, Anne-Marie, on 0746 2054 540, for a FREE 15 minute consultation.

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