What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Our memories and the ideas we build following them, can lead to limiting beliefs that affect us on a daily basis. Events that we have pushed into our subconscious can still be very real when we function on a day to day basis without us realising it! For example, feeling unlovable, inferior, abandoned and not good enough are common themes that occur without invitation.

Matrix Reimprinting works on the principle that most of our limiting beliefs were established before the age of 6. This makes it even more difficult to try and understand the root of our negative self talk! Fortunately Matrix Reimprinting provides a simple, fast and effective method to access these memories whilst limiting any trauma associated with them. It also provides simple tools to take away and use whenever and wherever you feel the need.

Matrix Reimprinting has evolved from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). It uses both the mind and the body to inform the work. A weakness of some psychological therapies is that they only concentrate on the mind.
As with EFT, memories can be recalled without stress or trauma using gentle techniques such as tapping on the face and body. However Matrix Reimprinting allows you to practice “if only I knew then what I know now”, in that you can revisit and transform a memory. This doesn’t mean that you can deny what happened, but it does mean that you will recall events from a more creative and practical aspect rather than from a stressful viewpoint. By accessing and changing the memory you can access and change the belief, resulting in more balanced, positive thinking and living.

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