“Just being able to speak to someone without being judged helped me feel more positive about myself. I began to understand my anger in ways that I had never considered. I now feel more relaxed and in control and don’t bottle things up anymore”

“I never thought I would be able to manage my panic attacks but I have learnt lots of different ways to cope and I am beginning to enjoy life again.”

“I was very nervous about coming to counselling but Anne-Marie’s warm welcome put me at ease.”

“I didn’t realise how hard I was on myself. Anne-Marie picked up on this almost straight away. It has helped me change the way I am towards myself as well as how I present myself to others. I now have a full time job that I wouldn’t even have applied for before I started my counselling.”

“After the death of my husband I didn’t think I would be able to cope.  Anne-Marie helped me to take things one step at a time and feel less overwhelmed. Thank you”

“I tried counselling before, but I would get into such a nervous state that I couldn’t even remember what we had spoken about. I then came across Anne-Marie who provided counselling over the telephone. This has helped me so much. It hasn’t been easy but just knowing that I could speak to someone who understood me each week, helped me get over the worst. I am going out more and have started to contact old friends.”

“I really wanted to stop smoking and had managed a couple of times before, but knew I needed something different. A family member put me in touch with Anne-Marie. I thought all this tapping stuff was crazy! That was until I tried to have my usual cigarette before bed. I couldn’t finish it. The next day I only smoked 5 cigarettes instead of my usual 20.  Anne-Marie helped me realise that there was an emotional side to smoking using EFT. I have stopped smoking and whenever I feel tempted I just tap it away.”

“Counselling has helped me in the past and is something I have dipped in and out of for the past 10 years, whenever I have felt I needed extra support. I was intrigued when Anne-Marie suggested Emotional Freedom Techniques. It was so simple but effective. We used a mixture of Emotional Freedom Techniques and counselling to begin with but I found the EFT got to the heart of things quicker and easier. I now use EFT myself on a regular basis. I can happily recommend her.”

“I have had problems with my skin since childhood which has chipped away at my self-esteem. I went to see Anne-Marie to try and build up my confidence. I didn’t expect to find a belief that I had made at the age of 5 had been dictating my life ever since. It now seems so silly to think of it. We did some work around this and discovered other beliefs that have affected my self-esteem.  I can feel my confidence growing. Another benefit is that my skin has cleared up a lot.”

Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality


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